Their DJ-Sets are deep and revolve around House and Disco. Although there is a hint of pop in their own productions, Moe & Joe maintains the level of funk. Their daily contact with music and ability to please the crowd has allowed to reach a wide audience with a spectrum of musical tastes.

After their first joint gigs last year, Moritz and Johannes - both from Munich and working for renowned record label Gomma – formed a DJ- and Production-Duo. Their work facilitates contact to artists all around the globe on a daily basis, often resulting in Moe & Joe spinning with artists such as Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules & Love Affair or Swiss duo Mercury.

When they're not Djing, you can find them producing in their own studio, which is where – amongst others – their remix of In-Band Ms Mr's track Hurricane was made. Further productions followed and are now being presented exclusively at their gigs. Since then they have been in constant contact with labels. Their productions show the willingness to invest time and effort in creating an intricate set. In particular, the prominence of analog recordings in their work, a characteristic not seen in the work of most of their contemporary young producers, has proven to be worth the effort.